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UI/UX Design

Web service


User flow

Onboarding experience

Digital Network
Evaluation at Desk

Streaming Client Experiences with Remote Consultancy

Project type: Web service design
Target users: Clients using remote consultancy & Consultants working virtually

My role: Project managing UX research, UX/UI design, User Acceptance Testing

Professional Work

Virtual Work platform
Onboarding experience
Design project

ERP Onboarding training at a consulting firm

Using Figma prototyping for creating demo exercises

Counsel & Advice

What's Wrong with Seeing Yourself
in a Meeting?

A feature that all the common video conferencing tools need. / A prototype built with Adobe XD

Until now, having your self-video is a default feature within real-time video meeting tools.
By taking self-view away from the screen, users wants to remove distraction and focus on the meeting more. However, it also leads them to lose a means for self-monitoring and take the risk of unconscious mistakes.
This UX design suggests a feature that allows users to not see real-time self-view, also prompts users to be aware of minimum self-conscious (users are shown to others).

Make All Wonderfulness Affordable

The user flow guides users to hidden features
for an all-in-one collaboration tool

WHY do users not utilise all our wonderful features?
The project started with this question for a virtual whiteboard service, an ambitious product with various features presenting usability that users had not even
 discovered their needs.

One frequent user activity on it is to share material with participants on the board and review them together. So, the whiteboard has equipped with various features for more efficient online cooperation.
I analysed users' regular flows in such operations and designed the new UI to be embedded in everyday familiar activities to help users to discover the
affordances of hidden features,

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Research Projects

Research in IT and Learning by Inhye

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