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Inhye Park

With extensive knowledge of research methods and a diverse skill set in data analysis, fueled by a tireless spirit of exploration and a deep belief in the potential of humanity, my passion lies in UX design.



As a UX specialist with a strong background in human-centred design, business management and data analysis, Inhye has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of user behaviour. She excels in crafting seamless user experiences and optimising user flows that enhance usability and drive meaningful interactions.

In addition to her design skills, she is well-versed in UX research methodologies and data analysis techniques. She has a proven track record of conducting user interviews, usability testing, and gathering and analysing qualitative and quantitative data.

Through data-driven insights, she approaches core issues that inform her design decisions and ensures that the end product meets users' needs as well as business goals.


Her path is solidly grounded in her academic background in learning science and psychology. She holds a BA in Psychology, an MBA specialising in Management Information Systems, and an MA in Human-Computer Interaction and Learning Science.

She strives to uncover the actual needs in today's routine and create innovative solutions for tomorrow's challenges. Driven by a strong commitment to user-centricity, she aims to design intuitive and meaningful experiences that enhance users' lives.

Professional History

UX Specialist,
Data analyst,

Nov 2021 - present

I conduct UX research and workflow analysis using Metabase, a BI tool, which provides data for designing better UX of the ERP to improve the remote working environment of the company. Focusing on UX improvement of the virtual work process on the in-house developed work platform, I am also in charge of the online employee training programmes including the development of instructional content and interactive exercise modules. 

UX/UI design, NUITEQ

Sep 2021 - Oct 2021

NUITEQ is a collaborative software company that offers solutions for on-site and distance collaborative work. My work took part in the development of NUITEQ Stage, a remote work solution integrating virtual whiteboard and video meetings. I created prototypes of new user flows and features. Also, I took an active role in usability testing and user research process. 

Educational News Reporter, EBS

Feb 2021 - Dec 2021

As a freelance journalist with a one-year contract, I am writing educational news about Sweden. EBS is the South Korean government-funded public broadcasting organisation. I am delivering reports of the collaborative learning perspective and use of IT technology to education in Sweden to students and teachers in South Korea.

MIS development, YTNPLUS

Oct 2011 - Oct 2018

My main job in this company was workflow improvement, inter-department coordination, and strategic business planing. I took initiative of company's Work Operating System development project and its user-training design.

Skills & Experience

Client 1


Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator

Skills for Digital phototype, Web design and Video creation

Client 7


Python Pandas


Pragramming language for hard cording and database

Client 2

Data Analysis


Variety tool set for data analysis

Client 6


Survey Design
Literature Research

Qualitative and Quantitate research skills and experience


Design thinking


Solve the right problem

Everything is a system

Small & Simple steps

Member of
Interaction design foundation 

Client 4

Office Tools

MS Excel
MS Access
MS PowerPoint

Extensive experience in automation and visual reporting

Client 5


Instructional design
Learning content creation

Employee training

MSC in IT and Learning

Client 8


English (proficient)
Swedish (nivå C)
Korean (native)

* Swedish Level nivå C
: Pre Intermediate

Academic Background

2020 - 2022

M.Sc., Applied IT with Specialization in Learning and Communication

Göteborgs Universitet
/ Sweden


specialized in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Ewha Woman’s University
/ Seoul, South Korea

2002 - 2006

BA in Psychology
Advertising & PR 

Double major undergraduate programme, Chung-Ang University
/ Seoul, South Korea

Digital Network
Evaluation at Desk

Bridge the Gap
in Virtual Work

Project type: Web service design
Target users: Clients using remote consultancy & Consultants working virtually

My role: UX research, UX/UI design

Work at home

How virtual teams
successfully onboard new members?


Virtual Onboarding Training for Newcomers' learning of remote working tools

UX training

Certified Member of The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

[Completed courses] ​

  • Design for the 21st Century with Don Norman (Distinction: Best in class)

  • How to Make Your AI Project a Success

  • How to Design Experiences for AI

  • Data-Driven Design: Quantitative Research for UX

  • How to Design for Aging Population

  • How to Influence Behaviour Through VR Narratives, 

  • A Guide To Hassle-Free Designer-Developer Collaboration

  • System Thinking for Designers

  • UI Design Patterns for Successful Software

  • User Research Methods and Best Practices

Best in Class

Complete a course with a score of 100% to be awarded this distinction.

Top 10% Course Taker

Completed courses with a score of more than 90%.

Assiduous Learner Award

Completed 7 UX courses and 16 master courses. 

Community Influencer

Contributed meaningfully to discussions in member-only forums.

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