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BI Dashboard Analytics 

Design and Analysis by Inhye Park

Welcome to my Business Intelligence (BI) projects showcase. Here, I present insightful projects that delve into the realm of data-driven decision-making

These projects epitomise my dedication to harnessing data's power to drive informed strategies and enhance operational excellence.


Please note that these dashboards have been thoughtfully designed to meet the strategic needs of top managers at Synega Operation AS. Additionally, data has been transformed to ensure the protection of confidential information and privacy.

Consultant working pattern Analysis

The project unveils how independent consultants allocate their work time in a virtual work environment.

This report aims to create interactive reports, focusing on individuals and shedding light on the dynamics of modern work environments.

Understanding consultants' work patterns is significant in optimising matches between consultants and clients.
By aligning mutually convenient work and communication times, a virtual consultancy service can allow consultants to keep
working at their preferred time of day or week while ensuring responsive service toward clients.

Discussing over the phone

Operational KPI Metrics Dashboard

The project centres around analysing Operational Metrics. This dashboard is a comprehensive visual tool that highlights essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This report is designed for the top operation manager to keep following operational KPIs, such as gross sales, capacity, Complaints and ratings, NPS (client survey results), and prospect conversion data.

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