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Make All
Wonderfulness Affordable

The user flow guiding users to hidden features
for an all-in-one collaboration tool

Project type - Digital product design

My role - UX/UI Design

WHY users do not utilize all the wonderful features?

An ambitious product with various features may even realize usability that users hadn't expect

However, who would try it if you did NOT know it was THERE. That was the question with a virtual whiteboard service.

Abstract H

One frequent users' activity on it is is to share material with participants on the board and review them together.

So, the whiteboard has equipped with various features for the more efficient online cooperation.

 The problem is that the UI requires users to do extra learning to recognize these possibilities.

New user flows offer affordances of hidden features just in the middle of  users' way to the more familiar operations.

Prototype Design

Design Tool: Adobe XD

The project was a part of my work at NUITEQ. This prototype was developed for Stage (, a web-based remote cooperation tool by NUITEQ. Therefore, the overall layout of the whiteboard UI follows the present design of the product.
It has been reviewed by the product manager and included in the product improvement roadmap. The expected release date for this feature is unknown.

Add Content Dialog Box

Add Content 2.png

As soon as the user starts adding content flow, the system effectively suggests multiple operations. Also, users are guided with available file formats to be added.

Suggestions to use image files

Add Content.png

When the user adds an image file, now the system shows possible actions proactively.


Use on the board

To give a good conceptual understanding to the user, UI communicates with a simple illustration of available action.

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